Gratitude & Appreciation  All Year Long!

A spirit of gratitude and appreciation is part of what makes this university a great place to work! For years we have reminded leadership, supervisors and all employees that gratitude and appreciation is something we should celebrate all year.

Beginning in 2020 we announced that employee appreciation was being expanding to a bigger focus throughout the year with the new Living Well at Texas A&M program.

  • Living Well at Texas A&M

    Living Well was created to foster amongst employees a feeling of gratitude, appreciation and community! Visit their website for a schedule of classes, events and programs held throughout the year!
  • Employee Recognition and Reward Ideas

    Hosting special departmental appreciation events/activities within your respective offices during the year is highly encouraged. Let your employees know how much they are valued and that their efforts make a difference in the success of our university!



Key points from the campus memo from February 25, 2020, 
Subj:  Staff Appreciation All Year Long!

  • Going forward, staff appreciation is expanding to a bigger focus throughout the year.
    • This change was made based on direct feedback from employees and supervisors who said having a designated week of campus-wide activities made it difficult for numerous staff to participate.
  • Living Well at Texas A&M,” is excited to provide both staff and faculty with different ways of showing our continued gratitude.
    • We encourage supervisors to ensure their employees feel valued and appreciated by allowing them time during the workday to attend these events.